Equipment (machine) for longitudinal cutting

Sliting Line


The automatic longitudinal cutting line is used to deep cut the rolled steel into the lines (strips) of a specified width. Strips are used as blank parts in the production of welded pipes.

Line Composition

Basic components

  • Uncoiler
  • Slitting unit
  • Tensioning unit
  • Coiler
  • Control system


  • Coil feeding car
  • Edge waste strip coiler
  • Unloading car
Raw Material Parameters
- Galvanized steel coils;
- Prepainted steel coils.
coil width1250 mm
coil OD600-1500 mm
coil ID500-600 mm
coil weight (max)10 000 kg
Operating Conditions Parameters
A/C net380v, 50 Hz
Compressed air net8...10 Bar
Temperature+5...+45 C
Lifting equipment10000 kg
Operation personnel2 People
Monday, 24 April 2017 11:03
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