Equipment (machine) for plaster grounds, plaster angle bars.

The line for the production of plaster joint displacement indicators and perforated corners


The equipment (machine) is used for the production of perforated profiles (perforated plaster profile, plaster rod, plaster ground profile). Profiles are used in all types of plaster and spackle works.

Screed strip is a supporting, guide rail used in plastering walls, and that gives you the opportunity to make the surface as smooth as possible and significantly simplifies the process.

Screed angle is used in plastering the exterior and interior (door and window junctions) corners. The primary function of the perforated screed angle is to provide an ideal angle line and protect against premature wear and tear of angular structures.

Line Composition

Basic components

  • Uncoiler
  • Stamping unit (perforation)
  • Roll-forming unit
  • Cutting unit
  • Control system
  • Receiving table
Raw Material Parameters
- Galvanized steel in accordance with GOST 14918-80.  
coil width (max)65 mm
coil OD600...1300 mm
coil ID500-600 mm
coil weight (max)620 kg
Operating Conditions Parameters
A/C net380v, 50 Hz
Temperature+5...+45 C
Lifting equipment1000 kg
Operation personnel2 People
Monday, 24 April 2017 10:17
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