Equipment (machine) for cooling chamber sandwich panels

The line for the production of shells for panels for cold rooms


The machine is designed to make sandwich panels for cooling chambers. Cooling sandwich panels have a low coefficient of conductivity. This provides maximum insulation of the walls, floors, and roofs of various refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerating cabinets, freezing racks and storefronts. In addition, sandwich panels are used in the construction of refrigeration warehouses designed for cooling, freezing and storage of various products.

The cooling chambers sandwich panels are widely used in deep-freeze enterprises, in large refrigeration workshops, supermarkets, and in pharmacological warehouses.

Another area for the use of cooling sandwich panels is the production of refrigerated vans for temporary storage and long distance transportation of perishable, refrigerated, and frozen products, maintaining their qualities. Insulated vans are constructed on the basis of all types of trucks. The multi-layered construction of the van works on the principle of a thermos - a thermal insulation is installed between the metal and plastic panels, providing the necessary insulation. The cooling installation can be operated without leaving the cabin. A frameless assembly can significantly reduce the weight of the van and ensure its integrity.

Line Composition

Basic components

  • Uncoiler
  • Levelling and feeding unit
  • Adjustable stamping unit
  • Stamping unit
  • Transferring table
  • Roll-forming unit
  • Cross bending unit
  • Cut-to-length unit
Raw Material Parameters
- Galvanized steel coils;
- Prepainted steel coils.
coil width1250 mm
coil OD600-1300 mm
coil ID500-600 mm
coil weight (max)8 000 kg
Operating Conditions Parameters
A/C net380v, 50 Hz
Compressed air net6...8 Bar
Temperature+5...+35 C
Lifting equipment10 000 kg
Operation personnel2 People
Monday, 24 April 2017 09:57
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